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The Brazilian Center for Studies in Dermatology (CBED) is a nonprofit organization aimed at fostering clinical research in dermatology and related areas.
Our research center conducts clinical trials strictly following the ethical standards of Good Clinical Practices and other national and international guidelines. We respect the freedom and the will of trial participants, and assure safety and confidentiality of subjects data.
Areas of interest

The CBED develops clinical trials in dermatology and related areas, with a special focus on aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology.


Besides conducting clinical trials, the CBED offers services and consultancy in clinical research, scientific publications and events.


The CBED follows the quality standards established by its own Quality Management System (QMS), which complies with the national and international clinical research guidelines.


The results of the studies are published in national and international scientific journals of high impact.


The CBED was established in 2005. Along these years, we have built a successful trajectory, distinguished by the excellence in conducting clinical studies, and being a national and international reference in dermatologic clinical trial nowadays.
Our mission is to guarantee ethics, agility and reliability in the clinical trials we develop, following the ethical standards of Good Clinical Practices, and to focus on maintaining high levels of excellence, safety and well-being of trial participants, preserving their health.

Objetivos To conduct high quality clinical trials complying with the guidelines established in the Quality Management System;
Objetivos To provide a stimulating work environment to the CBED team;
Objetivos To expand the offer of different types of studies in Dermatology;
Objetivos To increase the reliability of studies through continuing professional development.


Dr. Doris Hexsel
Dr. Doris Hexsel
Principal Investigator
Dermatologist – CREMERS 11380 Board Certified by the Brazilian Society of Dermatology – RQE 2639
Dr. Indira Valente
Dr. Indira Valente
Dermatologist – CREMERS 34598 Board Certified by the Brazilian Society of Dermatology – RQE 31576


We post the releases of each clinical trial on recruitment phase in our social media. So, pay attention and take a look once a while!
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